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No specific prerequisites are imposed. Our UCAT course is designed to cater to students of various backgrounds. The UCAT is a reasoning test that assesses cognitive abilities and attributes rather than specific subject knowledge, therefore the focus will be on developing these skills and learning useful strategies.

Students’ results are based on their actual English language skills at the time of testing. While we cannot guarantee specific score improvements, our courses are designed to provide comprehensive preparation and enhance your child's skills for the AEAS exam. Students, parents and schools are advised to be cautious of third parties offering unauthorised AEAS test preparation courses in the country. Ascent Prep is the only course provider in Hong Kong.

The link to join the live online course will be sent to the registered email address with a reminder one day before the scheduled session. Please ensure that the email address provided during registration is accurate and regularly checked for updates.

All tutors who teach AEAS courses have received AEAS training and review, so all tutors are qualified to teach students.

Each course includes a comprehensive set of study materials, which may include lecture notes, practice questions, and additional resources. These materials are typically accessible even after the course concludes, allowing your child to revisit them and reinforce their understanding.

Yes, of course! Our live online courses are interactive, and we encourage active participation. Your child can ask questions during the session, and our experienced tutor will be there to provide clarification and support.

Every student can benefit from personalised attention to strengths or weaknesses, in order to excel beyond their limits. Our experienced tutors offer bespoke 1-to-1 lessons focusing on any area the student wishes to improve or pursue an interest in.

While we cannot guarantee specific score improvements, our courses are designed to provide comprehensive preparation and enhance your child's skills for the UCAT exam. Many students have seen significant improvements through diligent participation in our courses and dedicated self-study.

Yes, we often include diagnostic assessments at the beginning of the course to help identify your child's strengths and weaknesses. This allows them to focus their efforts on areas that may require more attention, maximising the effectiveness of their exam preparation.

While we cannot guarantee specific score improvements, our courses are designed to provide comprehensive preparation and enhance your child's skills for the LNAT exam, with lasting positive effects on their critical thinking abilities. Many students have seen significant improvements through diligent participation in our courses and dedicated self-study. We also offer mock sessions for students to build confidence.

No specific prerequisites are imposed, as our LNAT course is designed to cater to students of various backgrounds interested in pursuing a law degree. However, as a habit, students are encouraged to request further reading recommendations to develop their reasoning skills or delve further into topics discussed in class.

Students can retake the LNAT once in the current cycle. If they choose to retake the test, the highest score will be considered by most universities. However, it's essential to check individual university requirements, as some institutions may have specific policies regarding retakes.

We recommend that students register for the LNAT early to secure their preferred test dates, with due consideration given to university application deadlines. Typically, the test can be taken between September and January, although it's advisable to check individual university requirements and deadlines for Oxbridge and G5.

While some law programs require the LNAT, other universities have alternative admission criteria. Our course provides a solid foundation in legal reasoning and critical thinking, ensuring that students are well-prepared for both LNAT-required and non-LNAT-required institutions. In addition, the course prepares students for a smooth transition and success in their future study of law.

A strong LNAT score, especially one that is beyond the minimum requirements, can significantly enhance a student's application. Alongside a good score, demonstrating a genuine interest in law through relevant experience, extracurricular activities, and a well-crafted personal statement can positively impact university admission decisions.

There are no specific prerequisites. Our Knowledge Building courses are designed to cater to students of various backgrounds. The only prerequisite is a clear degree aim. The course is designed around topics that most commonly come up in the interviews, admissions tests and first year syllabus of the course.

We suggest a minimum of 10 hours to build a solid foundation in any area. However, we encourage students to consider ongoing lessons to deepen their subject knowledge, enhancing their performance in interviews and personal statements for admissions. Our experienced tutors can provide 1-to-1 sessions to address specific challenges, clarify doubts and tailor the preparation to your child's individual needs.
Moreover, for gifted students, personalised tutorials provide an invaluable opportunity to extend their knowledge beyond the curriculum for their age level, unlocking their full potential and setting them on track towards top-tier universities.

  • Assess: We start with a consultation where we'll speak with you and your child to learn about your goals, assess your child’s needs, and recommend a customised program to help.
  • Match: After getting to know your child during the consultation, we meticulously match a tutor according to details such as personality, interests, current curriculum and related experience.
  • Tutor: Personalised tutoring involves a custom program designed for each specific student.
  • Support: We’re with you every step of the way. We make sure to follow up on our services, keeping your family in the loop and checking in with regular session reports on how your child is doing.

Every student benefits from one-to-one attention and a curriculum tailor-made for their education level.

The official AEAS Test Preparation Course is designed to actively develop English language ability across the skills of reading, comprehension, vocabulary, writing and speaking. An important element of this course is to teach students the skills necessary to successfully prepare for any test or exam. It familiarises students with the structure of the AEAS tests, including practice tests, reviews and feedback in each of the five components of the English language test.

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說起英語水平測試,相信大家最耳熟能詳的有IELTS、TOEFL、TOEIC等。但如果有意讓小朋友到澳洲升學,就必須要了解與「AEAS考試」相關的事宜。 關於AEAS  AEAS是專為打算到澳洲修讀中小學的海外學生而設計的綜合測驗。自 1985 年以來,AEAS 一直是評估國際學生水平的標準,在澳洲墨爾本、中國北京和香港均設有分部。 AEAS提供一系列服務,包括考試、模擬考試、備試課程、市場營銷和各種與應試相關的活動。近 40 年來,AEAS憑藉可靠、準確、有效和嚴密的現場考試服務,贏得了澳洲各學校的信賴,致力為應考學生提供高品質的評估體驗。 AEAS與所有利益相關者 (學校、教育機構、政府、家庭和學生) 建立了牢固的合作關係,共同促進國際教育的發展。 為什麼要考AEAS? 什麼時候考?  注意:學生於三個月內不可重考 AEAS 教育評審測驗的範圍包括 學生將根據他們的年齡及報讀年級進行測驗,例如現正修讀Year 9的學生,將參加Years 10-12的英語測驗;而準備申請明年Year 10的學生,將參加Year 10的數學和綜合能力測驗。AEAS考試不設「Pass or Fail」的評分結果,旨在準確地反映學生能否應付全英語學習環境的能力。 英語水平 考試內容 - 準備報讀Years 10-12 考試內容 - 準備報讀Years 7-9(形式與Years 10-12相近) 考試內容 - 準備報讀Years 4-6 (形式與Years 7-9相近) 數學推理能力 測驗以選擇題形式進行,需時45分鐘。考卷根據不同年級而設,旨在評估學生的數學推理能力。 測驗期間,學生可使用計算機和印刷版字典,現場嚴禁使用手提電話及其他電子設備。(註:計算機和字典不適用於英語水平測驗,故學生必須將這些物品存放於考試場外。) 非文字綜合能力 測驗以選擇題形式進行,測驗需時30分鐘,旨在評估學生的綜合能力水平,測驗分數準確地反映學生的智力水平。 報名手績 除了澳洲,AEAS評審測驗已於全球超過25個國家舉行,包括中國、香港、印尼、日  本、韓國、馬來西亞、新加坡、台灣、泰國和越南等地。測驗中心名單詳見https://www.aeas.com.au/how-to-register/。 考試當日應備物品 AEAS評估報告 AEAS教育評審測驗報告提供以下資料: 學校在審批申請時,將參考報告提供的英語先修課程建議指引,以擬定學生的入學日期,以便他們有充足的時間來強化英語能力,順利融入英語學習環境。校方亦可要求學生在開課前重考,確保他們已達標。 AEAS教育評審測驗報告由AEAS澳洲總辦事處撰寫後發送給: AEAS教育評審測驗報告有效地提供以下優點: 不同學校對英語水平的要求 延伸閱讀: 【英國寄宿中學】UKiset & CAT4 考試全攻略 提升獲牛津、劍橋及G5大學錄取機會的關鍵 香港學生赴英攻讀法律學位指南
【英國寄宿中學】UKiset & CAT4 考試全攻略
英國入學考試是申請英國寄宿學校的第一步,UKiset和CAT4等入學考試則是大家經常聽到的測驗。然而,兩者有什麼分別?學生又是否必需報考這兩個考試?以下是這兩個考試的詳細介紹。 UKiset UKiset (UK Independent Schools’ Entry Test) ,是英國私立寄宿學校專為9至18歲的海外學生而設計的入學測試,主要用來評估申請人的英語水平和學術能力。 目前有過百所英國私立學校將UKiset作為篩選學生 (pre- screening)的首要標準,並作為學生申請英國寄宿學校的第一關。部份寄宿學校甚至會因申請人的UKiset成績優異而直接取錄,豁免入學試 (CAT4)及面試的入學要求。 UKiset是一個約2至2.5小時的電腦測試,成績有效期為一年,主要分為三個部分: 測試 考試內容 限時 Reasoning(推理)  ·       文字邏輯推理·       圖表推理·       數字推理  90分鐘 Cambridge English Test (劍橋英語考試)  ·       閱讀·       聆聽·       英語運用 (詞彙、拼寫及語法)  30分鐘 English Essay Writing (英文寫作)  評估學生的書面英語表達和語文技巧的能力,字數要求根據年齡而有所不同:9-11歲:最少100-150字12-15歲:最少200-250字16-18歲:最少300-350字  30分鐘 UKiset成績計算方式 UKiset與其他考試有所不同,考試題目會根據學生答題的準確度進行調整。舉例,如果學生持續答對題目,後續題目會變得更難,相應地分數也會較高。 UKiset注意事項 CAT4 CAT4(Cognitive Abilities Test)入學試是大部分英國學校的指定入學試,包括寄宿學校、私立學校和部分公立學校,主要針對6至17歲的學生,用於評估學生的認知能力、思考能力和學習潛力。 測試內容主要分為四個範疇:語言測試(Verbal Reasoning)、數學測試(Quantitative Reasoning)、非語言測試(Non-Verbal Reasoning)和空間推理測試(Spatial Reasoning)。題目會以選擇題形式呈現,有關詳細的測試內容可以參考以下資訊: 測試內容 考試內容 限時 語言測試(Verbal Reasoning)   評估語言和文字方面的能力·      詞彙理解·      同義詞·      反義詞·      關聯詞 45分鐘 數學測試(Quantitative Reasoning)  數學和數量推理方面的能力·      數字操作·      數學問題·      數量關係 45分鐘 非語言測試(Non-Verbal Reasoning)  圖像和圖形推理方面的能力·      圖像和圖形推理·      圖形類比、模式識別、空間關係 45分鐘 空間推理測試(Spatial Reasoning)  空間感知和推理方面的能力·      圖像旋轉·      圖像組合·      圖像投影 45分鐘 CAT4注意事項 CAT4模擬試題 語言測試(Verbal Reasoning) 數學測試(Quantitative Reasoning) 非語言測試(Non-Verbal Reasoning) 空間推理測試(Spatial Reasoning) 延伸閱讀: 提升獲牛津、劍橋及G5大學錄取機會的關鍵 香港學生赴英攻讀法律學位指南 【英國 Health Science】實習對申請的重要性
以下是Oxbridge過往的面試問題,您知道答案嗎? “Why do many animals have stripes?” “Do bankers deserve the pay they receive?”“How important is social interaction in language acquisition?” “Is it ever morally right to kill someone?” 沒有額外的學術課堂加以鍛鍊,一般都很難回答牛劍的面試問題。 要獲得牛津、劍橋及其他英國G5大學的錄取,發展獨特的思維模式至關重要。如果沒有事先接觸這些充滿挑戰性的面試問題,您可能會感到困惑。在這種情況下,Knowledge Building便能派上用場,這種方法能夠加深和擴充與學科相關的知識,為有志之士提供競爭優勢。 Ascent Prep 的 Knowledge Building 三大優勢 1. 訓練學生牛津、劍橋的思維模式 牛劍的面試問題艱深,不會問學生已理解的知識,而是需要學生利用既有知識推敲答案。牛劍重視學生的思路軌跡和思考過程,而並非具體答案。Knowledge Building 所學就是超越中學程度的super-curricular,將會在牛津、劍橋,或是其他G5大學的面試中大派用場。 2. 協助學生選擇合適學科 大學開辦的學科如法律系、物理治療、醫科、工程學等等,大多數學生都未曾在中學階段時有所接觸,因此未必真的了解這些科目到底是學什麼、會否適合自己。 舉例,如果數學成績出眾,應該報讀牛劍的數學系還是物理系呢?Knowledge Building 可協助您深入了解各個學科的知識層面,助您精準確立大學選科目標。 3. 協助學生撰寫深入探討學術議題的Personal Statement 一般學生會在 Personal Statement 解釋為什麼喜歡所選的學科、有什麼過人之處等,但牛劍或其他G5大學不僅僅要求這些,而是期望學生能帶出與學科相關、強烈深入、並具個人見解的學術探討,需要閱讀學術書籍及資料搜集配合完成,而這些正正能從Knowledge Building中,掌握相關主題與學術概念。 Knowledge Building 如何提升面試質素? 以下挑選了兩條過往牛劍的面試問題,由Ascent Prep牛劍背景的導師示範建議答案,以供參考。 Question 1: Do bankers deserve the pay they receive? Suggested Answer Approach: A simple answer might be that since banks are generally private firms and workers are free to work where they wish, then the pay they receive is just the outcome of a competitive labour market. In this story, bankers earn a lot because they are very skilled and have rare talents. It is hard to see a reason for government intervention in this case – though on equity grounds one may want to have a progressive income tax system that redistributes some of this income. Note: A good candidate would wonder why it is that seemingly equivalently talented people can get paid so much more in banking than in other occupations. Do we really […]
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