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2025 UK Elite Boarding Schools Admission Analytic Sharing

26 June 2024
Zoom Virtual Meeting
Studying in an UK elite boarding school during secondary education is considered a direct shortcut to gaining admission into prestigious universities. However, in order to successfully getting into these renowned boarding schools, excellent academic achievements is not the only requirements. Students' performance in interviews, extracurricular activities, and personal development are all considered in the admissions process. The summer vacation period in July and August is the best time to prepare for admission to these prestigious UK schools! James, the Admissions Research Analyst at Ascent Prep, will share the characteristics of 5 top UK boarding schools, including admissions timeline, entrance examinations and interview techniques to help students receive quality education. Top UK Boarding Schools including Sharing application processes of Elite Boarding Schools The application deadline for some top UK schools is October, or even 2-3 years in advance, with different preparation required for different entry points (11+, 13+, 16+). Understanding the key dates for applications early can increase the chances of success. Meeting all conditions is the key for application! Admission to top UK schools is not solely based on past academic performance. Students may need to achieve high […]

2025 Admission Guide to UK On-the-list Medical School

12 June 2024
Zoom Virtual Meeting
The competition for medical schools in UK universities is intense, with only 7.5% of places available to international students annually, and among these, places at On-the-list medical schools recognized by the Hong Kong government are especially coveted!  The application deadline for entry in 2025 is 15 October, 2024. To prepare a perfect application in less than half a year and stand out among global applicants, it's essential to understand the admission details of each medical school.  Analysis of  well-known On-the-list UK Medical Schools The reason On-the-list UK medical schools are so popular to students from Hong Kong is that graduates can easily return to work in Hong Kong without the need for additional medical qualification exams after studying in the UK medical school. Each university has its own admission preferences and application notes. James, Admissions Research Analyst from Ascent Prep and Maisie, Senior Consultant, will provide details of the application requirements and admission strategy of the following 5 On-the-list UK medical schools, helping you to improve your chances of admission! UK Medical School Application Tips: Personal Statement, UCAT, Interview  To increase admission chances to a UK medical school, students […]

Non-JUPAS Admission Guide to HKU and CUHK Medical Schools

18 May 2024
8/F, Chinachem Tower, 34-37 Connaught Road Central, Central
University of Hong Kong (HKU) and Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Medical Schools are renowned for their rigorous academic standards and clinical training. They have nurtured countless medical professionals in Hong Kong for years and have long been ranked among the top universities internationally. The Non-JUPAS application deadline of Med schools in Hong Kong is usually around mid-November. If you are interested in medicine, sign up for this free seminar now! Our tutor with HKU medical school background and professional education consultant will share their insights in application strategies to help you embark on your medical school journey! Tutor shares preparation strategies to increase admission chances Beata Wong, a professional tutor at Ascent Prep, a personalised tutoring centre under Beacon Group, will share the Non-JUPAS application process and key factors for admission. This includes how to demonstrate your unique qualities and experiences through Personal Statement, how to confidently answer questions in interviews and more. Gain experience directly from our tutor and increase your opportunity in application success! Beata studied high school Hong Kong and A-Level in UK. She obtained excellent results of 4A* and returned to Hong […]

Mock UCAT & Interview Exams Workshop

27 April 2024
8/F, Chinachem Tower, 34-37 Connaught Road Central, Central
Applying medical and dental programs in the UK and Australia is definitely a challenging process. It not only requires excellent academic performance and good interview skills, UCAT (UK) or UCAT ANZ (Australia) result is also required. We have prepared a UCAT mock exam (1 hour) and a 15-minute interview guided by medical tutors for students who intend to apply for medical programs in 2025/2026. Don’t miss the opportunity, register now!

Second Round Non-Jupas Application: How to write a Personal Statement that works for UCAS & Non-Jupas?

3 February 2024
8/F, Chinachem Tower, 34-37 Connaught Road Central, Central
Ascent prep will analyse Non-Jupas application procedures & required documents, enhance the admission chance & the most important - how can we write only 1 Personal Statement but applicable for both UCAS & Non-Jupas application ?

Cambridge Medical Tutor sharing - MMI Medicine Interview tips 

11 June 2023
8/F, Chinachem Tower, 34-37 Connaught Road Central, Central
MMI (Multiple Mini Interview) is the most common interview format for medical and dental schools in the UK and Australia. It means that multiple mini-interviews are conducted at the same time in a circular manner, allowing each interviewer to interview students and give scores, and finally calculate the total score. The questions encountered in each interview are usually different, including: chart analysis, scenario discussion, medical ethics, medical current affairs, ethical decision-making ability, etc. Ascent Prep’s medical course tutors all come from Cambridge or Oxford medical teaching backgrounds. Our interview preparation courses will explain to candidates the principles behind each interview part, from the format of the interview to the answer strategies that candidates must adopt. The tutors will take the time to explain The reasons behind the expression and question-answering techniques will help students perform well in interviews and increase their success rate in getting admitted to medical school. In this lecture, Ascent Prep's senior Cambridge medical tutor will introduce the form, structure and content of MMI interviews, and share the types and techniques of interview stations and analysis of example questions. Medical schools in the UK that […]

How to write a Personal Statement that works for UCAS & Non-Jupas?

16 December 2023
Zoom 網上視像進行
Ascent prep will analyse Non-Jupas application procedures & required documents, enhance the admission chance & the most important - how can we write only 1 Personal Statement but applicable for both UCAS & Non-Jupas application ?
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